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Venice with other eyes

venezia gite per ciechi

We propose tactile tours and walks in the city of Venice. Thanks to a team of experienced escorts we can propose tactile walks to discover the city, how it works and the peculiarities that make it a unique city in the world.
Venice is a city of many facets and the possibilities for visits are really many, contact us for more information about our routes and proposals and together we will find the most interesting visits for you.

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Destination: Venezia

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Name: ViaggiDiffusi

Phone: (+39) 340 08 61 836

ViaggiDiffusi has been working since 2015 on proposals within accessible tourism mainly for the blind community. Tactile-experiential tours that defend culture, tradition and local nature: based on local realities that promote the territory by understanding the resources. Thus allowing an altruistic interaction between cultures. Here are the pillars of our offer; places and experiences that we know first-hand. Travel is understood as discovery and wisdom. We speak: English, Spanish, French and Italian. We are part of the Explore association. we have been working with accessible tourism for over 5 years

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